E-Learning & LMS Services

E-Learning Design & LMS Management

The entire learning context has embraced an unprecedented shift to online education by the year 2020.   Motion Club can create and design your e-Learning content compatible with any up-to-date system and operate your LMS. We have a European design approach, affordable prices, and a wide array of freelancers and technological availabilities within our possibilities—turn-key e-Learning solutions for everyone.

Besides Digital Video Production, we can also create VR & AR videos, 2D and 3D animations to explain any matter.

If you are an e-Learning platform or content creation agency, you can also contact us for collaboration.

We have extensive knowledge when it comes to adult education. We enjoy creating e-learning packages that actually entertaining, pleasing to the eye, and of course, educative. After working with top companies both in-house and as a consultant, we want you to introduce our e-learning approach.

Distances mean nothing for Motion Club. We have studios both in Istanbul and London, but if you want our services you can ask them from anywhere in the world. We can deliver e-learning packages fitted to your expectations.

We are unable to share everything we do due to confidentiality but you can see partial footage from our e-learning reel: https://vimeo.com/460537156

If you want to see our force in animated videos, feel free to check our Motion Graphics Showreel: https://vimeo.com/384752993


Top reasons to choose e-Learning:

  • According to a Brandon-Hall Study, learning through e-learning typically requires 40% to 60% less employee time than learning the same material in a traditional classroom setting. It typically requires 40-60% less employee time than learning in a traditional classroom setting.
  • Cost reduction is often the main reason why companies switch from traditional classroom-based training to eLearning. In-house training tends to be very expensive, primarily because of the need for a professional trainer who will deliver it and help employees improve their knowledge and skills.
  • Maximizing knowledge retention is one of the most rewarding benefits of eLearning. According to Brandon Hall (2001 and Rosenberg 2001), eLearning can increase knowledge retention rate by 25-60%, simply because it is much more engaging than learning in a traditional classroom setting.

Source: elearningindustry.com