Almost any type of Project meeting ends up with these two following questions:

  • How much time does it require?
  • How much budget should we arrange?

Production and Design projects are not repetitive tasks: techniques and equipment may be, but the context will be different almost every time. Expectations, dynamics, crew, and equipment always vary depending on the project, making things difficult to estimate.

Sometimes, agencies present unrealistic budget and time plans to grab a contract from the customer. It’s not suitable for each part of the project:

  • It isn’t suitable for designers: Exhaust from haste usually leads to a hostile working environment and lower work quality. Wrong time plans are the number 1 reason for designers to do job-hopping.
  • It isn’t suitable for a client: Budget and time plan need to be precise and fair. Further research is required.

Project manager's job is to regulate the relation and conditions between agency and client. This is the point where they shine. Designers' patience and motivation, clients' budget, and understanding are on their hands.

Gokay GedikFounder

Now, this works both ways: employers rated regarding the experience as well.  One downside of these platforms is they cut way too much from both employer and freelancer. Due to this, with a limited budget, you can work with below-the-line freelancers that you could afford much better than this. Also, don’t expect any artistic quality from 3-dollar-per-hour freelancers; maybe they are an excellent fit for a technical issue but usually not an artistic one.

We can speak about what is wrong for hours. Let’s talk about what we should do.

Clients should trust the process and not take project managers’ each proposition as a negotiation matter. They want to present a pleasant working environment for their people, including both client and their company.

Agencies should present a budget according to their value of time and investment, not the size of a customer. There should be no estimation, only precision.

When agencies prepare offers, they are not only thinking about people they work. They also have to take into account:

  • How many people does the agency include
  • Does the agency has a psychical Office, or they all work remotely?
  • Technological investment
  • Value of their work at the market
  • Legal fees

When you think of such dynamics above and more, you should understand when they don’t tell you the budget on the phone. Of course, there are services that you can demand fixed prices. Those services are usually repetitive and possible to measure. Such as social media management and educational video production can be a good examples of that.

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