We founded Motion Club in January 2020; we finally have our chance to redesign our new web page. Somehow people who work in the design field do their design tasks at last. We have a beautiful saying for this in Turkish:  The tailor can’t sew his garment. In the end, voilà, we did.

We have redesigned our web page to aim for the international market since most of our customers are global. Since the Covid19 pandemic, the companies are much more straight-forward to work remotely, which has shifted our clientele. We can do Video Production, Design, and E-Learning remotely with international standards and local prices, but that’s not our only standpoint.

Our most crucial standpoint is being able to afford to remain a boutique production company. We believe that working with a limited number of customers is in the best interest of both you and us.

With our new website: you can receive an offer much faster, watch our latest productions, and if you are interested, we will be using this blog to inform you about the latest trends in video production, design, and e-learning.

Gokay GedikFounder

Moreover,  we are preparing blog posts about Content Marketing, HR, and research techniques to simplify your workflow and improve creative input.

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