We are expanding our services in alignment with your needs. From now on, we give life to your logo and recreate your presentations in a cool way!

We noticed that while we participate in your Video Production Content Strategy and Design processes,  Logo Animation and Presentations are underrated the most. However, it would help if you took Logo Animation and Powerpoint & Keynote presentations seriously as a significant sales & marketing strategy.

Although MS Powerpoint was released in 1990, eye bleeding presentations still came this far.  However, presentations are your first weapon of choice to introduce your sales pitch or reporting your projects to your peers. Patience is limited; an eye-pleasing presentation can give a better look to your projects and feed your brand reputation.

Kaizen means continuous development. What does your brand need? Every single step counts.

Marketing Departments are no longer looking for one giant step to improve their marketing strategies: They look for constant improvement by using reverse engineering, design thinking, and using other customer-centered approaches to improve their marketing plans. When we take a look at our products, we saw that Logo Animation and Presentation Design were the most overlooked steps of companies marketing strategies.

Logo Animation and Presentation Design are the products we present in Motion Design section. Feel free to reach us to talk about or get a quota.

Kaizen is described as small steps taken to reach your goal. Every single effort to your plan counts. Perfection should be seen from the big picture, also the tiny parts of it.

Gokay GedikFounder

Animated logos are explaining themselves in the video below. You can use your logo animation in your Outlook signature, Presentation or Video intro – outros.

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