I’ve started my Video Production, Design, and E-Learning company Motion Club in Istanbul about a year and a half ago, in January 2020. Soon after the Covid19 epidemic broke out, I was a bit in shock due to the situation as a fresh business owner. It turned out that there are new opportunities ahead.

As demand for digital content and e-learning skyrocketed, bilingual – trilingual designers with a firm grip on western cultures & understanding could create strong business partnerships. Therefore my most foreign customers started to inform me that they would work with Turkish content creators. In this article, I will give a list of why they are so glad to work with people from this geography.

I want to start with a little disclaimer: frontiers represent nothing to me; we all live in a digital village in my mind. The benefits that I’m going to list here have nothing to do with national superiority or anything related. I reject any opinion that comes from this regard. I also write this article by not taking into account any foreign news concerning Turkey.

  1. Mutual Understanding

Turkish people and especially youth are very interested in Western lifestyle and culture.  The way they represent themselves is more precisely the modern American lifestyle. They like to be part of international projects—many people in this industry speak fluent English with expressions. Turkey is a neighbor of the EU and has strong roots in Western Culture.

Being a massive touristic center, having the airline with most extent, student exchange programs such as Erasmus and business people programs that allows them to work internationally separates them from other non-EU countries. Turkey has historical ties with the Western lifestyle.

it’s an Eastern country with a Western mindset & touch, a young population with a firm grip on digital services. Turkey is and was always a strong country when it comes to digital services usage.

The average time spent on the internet is 7 hours and 29 minutes. Turkey is among the 15 countries with the longest time of daily internet usage and social media usage*. Most people meet and socialize on the internet in Turkey. That’s because people can express themselves with more confidence on the internet.  Meanwhile, Europeans slowly increasing their social media usage, Turkey was more settled on these platforms.

 2. Polyvalent Creator & Designer Approach

If you ever step foot in Istanbul, you might have noticed the vast array of architectural styles throughout the city: Art Nouveau buildings in Nişantaşı and Taksim, some of the top examples of Ottoman architecture and art Sultanahmet, etc.  If you have ever been to Kadiköy, you can see the considerable influence of modern offbeat and Hipster culture. Architecture is just an example; you can see the same effect in various forms.

Istanbul represents the door to new trends in Turkey and a bridge between Europe and Asia. This environment feeds the creators starting from early ages to have straightforward basics of their art. This way, when there is a new project ahead with a designer from Turkey, you can be assured that they cant adapt themselves to your design expectations or today’s design trends.

3. Competitive Prices

For many people, this is a unique standpoint. However, if you are only looking for better prices, there are countries with lower prices. The formula is simple, as long as you go east from Turkey, prices go gradually cheaper and stop at the far East.

Turkey’s currency is continuously devaluating in the past few years. It allows working with better designers for more affordable prices. However, designers don’t measure their price tag due to minimum wage; they may expect their Western counterparts’ prices. It’s better to understand services that require technological investment and not to compare in this regard.

4. Video Production Crew & Design & Technology

When it comes to on-site Video Production and remote Video Production, Motion Design, and E-learning, Turkey has the best offers: well-trained  & experienced crew with access to high technology.  Whether it’s a studio shooting or else, it’s a unique standpoint for Turkey.  When it comes to high craftsmanship, technicians, good quality content, and design, Turkey is a great choice.

However, this is not breaking news in many regards; Turkey was the #2 TV series exporter after the USA for many consecutive years. This experience elaborated the Turkish audiovisual sector in general, made it a hub for international video productions. You will be entirely at ease when you are working with Turkish Video Producers. The median standard is solid, and Turkish Audiovisual Producers take pride in what they do.

Turkish designers are honing their skills according to EU and USA standards for many years for the reasons explained above.  That is also why you see many times Turkish designers in critical positions in ad agencies in the EU.

As Motion Club, we are ready to help you with your next content project. We can introduce you to the creators’ talent pool; we can shoot an ad concept or prepare everything for you. You can demand an explainer video with motion graphics; we can provide end to end solutions: from voiceover dubbing to idea creation.

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