No worries for many professions –  a Google search or E-Learning course won’t match a Doctor’s degree.

In today’s world, if a high school graduate takes an e-learning course and starts to work in his / her area of interest, that person can indeed have better income and knowledge than most people who spend time in the university. Most people learn or keep their skills updated from YouTube nowadays.

Universities need to propose something new to the students so students can have a competitive advantage. Having a university degree gives a half-manufactured key to students to the job market in today’s world.  While Bachelor’s Degree focuses on academic development, the job market has a more direct focus on necessary skills. This system aimed to fail because most employers expect some experience when interviewing a 25-year-old student. The student has no fault, the employer has no responsibility, then how will their expectations match?

Agencies no longer mind if you have a degree. Many giant companies such as Google and Tesla think digital learning certificates might be more beneficial than a degree.

Remote working was taboo for corporate companies until the COVID19.  Online learning has shown significant growth over the last year. Maybe in the next ten years, we will see the gradual disappearance of degree’s importance. It’s exciting to see how things change.

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