Why Should People Listen
to You?

Designing Purpose

First, we listen to you thoroughly and understand your target group. We search for people fitting your description. At this point, we have a clear understanding of what do you need and who you need to reach.


We create a vocal and visual tone that pleases the target audience. We find a character or a style who can be a role model or friend from this point. This character leads the story and intermediates the relation between your company and your audience.


After interviewing enough people for our research, we create personas accordingly and fill the background with relevant data such as pain points, emotional & visible benefits.


We create a content strategy that aims to develop bonds with your audience and feed them with information to be informed and something to talk about between them. This method is suitable for brands that want to become love brands for their customers.

Content Marketing is the new era of marketing, and applying this to your Content Strategy can help you step up in the game. Instead of trying a direct sales relationship with your customers, it allows building authority on your audience.  They will want to receive answers from you about your topic.

This marketing method aims to create valuable relationships with your customer, and eventually, they will come to buy your product or services.

We can create a content strategy and calendar and come up with scalable results that you can enjoy. You don’t have to give up on your current marketing plan. Adding a Content Marketing layer to your sales strategy can give depth to your 360-degree marketing plan.

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We regularly post about Content Marketing, keep an eye on our blog posts from time to time. We love Seth Godin, and this post matters to us if you want to understand our approach.

content marketing lady is taking pride in what she does

Internet is slippery ground for trends, things can change on short notice. Content marketing is one of the best forms of digital marketing in today’s marketplace. Also, it’s much more compatible with human-centered marketing methods than traditional ones. Four reasons why:

  • Content Marketing aims to bond with the audience subtly.  The constant sales effort is found repulsive by the target group.
  • CM is a natural SEO feeder. By taking this approach you actually led your audience to seed your core values.
  • By today’s means, if you can’t overview it, then forget it. Content Marketing and Strategy lets you create a content calendar, a visual and voice tone. By taking these steps initially, you will be able to see 3 steps forward.
  • Most importantly, Content Marketing is allowing you to add value to your product. A personality, a human factor. To get a percent from human attention nowadays requires a more subtle and human-friendly approach.